How to get Loan Without Documents?

How to get Loan Without Documents – Friends, we may need to take a loan for many things in our life. Bank or other financial institutions ask for many documents from the applicant to take loan; Which the applicant has to show to the bank or that financial institution to approve the loan.

Many things can come in the documents required for taking a loan, but the most important of them is the Aadhar Card and PAN card of the applicant. But in today’s article, we will talk about how you can get a loan without documents.

Friends, in today’s article, we will tell you which app gives you loan without documents, who can apply for loan without documents online, why apply for loan online without documents and many more things today. In this article we will tell you.

Which is the app that gives you loan without any documents?

Friends, today we are going to tell you about taking Without Document Loan, if you want to take Bina Document loan, then you do not need to worry because the method we are telling you today, you can take loan as per your wish even without any document. Can get Friends, now let’s talk about what is the way by which you can easily take a loan sitting at home. Its name is – Credy Loan App.

What is Credy Loan App?

Minimal or no physical documents are required while applying for a loan from Friends Credy App. All the processing is done online with a focus on instant approval and minimum waiting time to avail your loan.

Credy has developed technology and tools which helps the customer to apply for loan without any documents on website and Android App.

Credy Personal Loan App offers fast and hassle free personal loan online with easy customer service. With Credy Personal Loan App, you can pay your child’s education, medical to credit card bills. For Personal Loan, you can get loan approval ranging from 10,000 to 1,00,000 Lakhs. The processing time of CredY Personal Loan App is around 2-3 working days in which you get the loan.

Who can apply for loan without documents online?

If you do not have any document and still want to take a loan easily, then keep some things in mind. Any Indian citizen with a valid PAN number, stable salary and good credit score can apply for a personal loan from CredY. The basic requirements ensure that every eligible individual can avail a loan from us without the need for collateral or security.

For a personal loan, your salary details play an important role as it determines your ability to pay the EMIs. It will also show your spending and saving habits to determine good or bad debt. Our basic criteria helps us to sort out the loan applications which are credit worthy and those which are not credit worthy.

  • Minimum monthly salary Rs 15,000.
  • Living in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune.

Note – If you fall in these categories then you can apply for loan online on our app or website.

Tips for loan without documents

If you want to increase your chances of getting your personal loan application approved, consider the following tips:

Maintain a Good Credit Score

Higher the credit score i.e. usually at least 750 or higher, the higher are the chances of approval of your personal loan application. Some banks/lending institutions also offer lower interest rates to such applicants. As personal loan is an unsecured loan (collateral-free loan), banks/lending institutions put emphasis on credit score while evaluating personal loan applications.

A high credit score also helps you get pre-approved personal loan offers from banks / lending institutions with whom you have an existing relationship. A high credit score indicates that you have paid your credit card bills and EMIs on time and this increases your chances of getting pre-approved personal loan offers from banks / loan institutions that already have your credit card, Loan or Deposit Account.

Contact the Banks/NBFCs with whom you have an existing Relationship

Individuals who wish to avail instant personal loans without submitting documents should first approach the banks/lending institutions where they have savings/current accounts or have availed loans/credit. This is because such banks/lending institutions already have your personal loan related information and hence, you are not required to submit additional documents.

Also, such banks / lending institutions may provide pre-approved offers to you based on your credit profile. For example, your bank/lending institution may consider your investments, deposits (fixed deposits, recurring deposits, etc.) and transaction patterns while evaluating your personal loan eligibility.

Contact Banks / Loan Institutions with end-to-end digital loan processing

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many banks/lending institutions have digitized the entire process from personal loan application to loan amount transfer. Due to this change, such banks/lending institutions can offer online personal loans in a shorter tenure. Therefore, individuals who are in urgent need of funds and are not eligible to avail pre-approved offers from their existing banks/lending institutions are advised to approach banks/lending institutions that offer end-to-end digital loan processing Needed

Alternatively, you can also visit online financial marketplaces like to compare online personal loan offers from traditional banks/NBFCs and new age fintech/digital loan institutions. Note, applying for a personal loan through such online financial marketplaces will not impact your credit score.

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Questions Related to Loan Without Documents –

How much loan can I get without Documents?

Friends, if you want to take loan without documents and want to know how much loan can be obtained without documents. Friends, let me tell you for your information that if you take a loan without any document, then you can get a loan amount ranging from Rs.5000 to Rs.30000. To get the loan amount, you have to fulfill certain conditions which are mentioned above.

How to take loan without Documents?

Friends, if you want to take loan without documents and want to know how to get loan without documents, then friends, first of all you have to download Credy loan app in your mobile and next you have to sign up with your mobile number. . Then allow the permissions it asks for from you. Next you have to fill your personal information and get the loan by clicking on the loan option.

How much interest is charged on loan without Documents?

Friends loan also has the advantage of flexible interest rate and loan tenure. You can choose a tenure of 3-12 months when you avail a loan from Credy. We also have a flexible interest rate policy ranging from 1-1.5% per month. The variable interest rate is aimed at rewarding a person with a good credit record and timely payment of EMIs.

What is the processing fee for loan without Documents?

When you take a loan from Credy, you do not have to bear a huge burden for your loan. 3% processing fee is the maximum charge on the loan amount which makes it very affordable for most of the salaried individuals.

Customer care for loan without Documents

  • Customer Care Number: 080 4680 5616
  • E-mail ID: [email protected]
  • Website:
  • Address: No.22, Sailagiri, Second Floor, Intermediate Ring Road Opposite to HDFC Bank, Nr Ejipura, Signal, Koramangala, Bengaluru,
    Karnataka 560034, India.
  • Application: Credi App

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